Alternate Fiber Coming Soon

The biggest news at Broadband Forum IV so far was just announced by Gregg Foster of Lost Coast Communications (owners of KHUM, KSLG and the Point). Apparently a company called IP Networks plans to have an alternate fiber line completed by the 1st quarter of 2009. IP Networks partners with PG&E for these kinds of things and it looks like the line will use the PG&E path east-west. PG&E has had a big interest in getting this done for their own purposes, but the new fiber will also sell space wholesale to other providers such as Suddenlink. This is great news!

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  1. 9/12/2008 at 1:57 am

    thank GOD some more BandWith will be avail here soon !
    Im a twenty year citizen of Humboldt County – Stumbled across this site today !
    have some images of Humboldt at

    CCrane is a great place to get Techie stuff! lol

    I love that place !

    Im currently trying to get some attention to the problem of Suddenlinks Evening performance around here, posting Traceroutes to a little site I made last week – as I got tired of mailing them to a “Tech with suddenlink” who responded just the first time and has me on email hold now I guess — he, them, whoever it is at Suddenlink.. I tell them I will continue to update the site with Traceroute updates to SHOW them its clearly NOT an unplug and replug your modem, or we need to have a guy out to your house situation…. From the Traceroute you can clearly see where the MS LATENCY goes out the perverbial window – and its not here or texas – Its after they hand off to a peerpoint either in NY or VA now – ITS NOT the demarcation point I told them –

    So I have a person on the othere side of the US and he said managment has seen my site I just put up so perhaps someone there is listning – With pings of 400 every night in prime time the last month and a half I should certainly hope so.

    Please if any like minded gamers out there like me are getting fed up with this WRITE suddenlink and send me your TraceRoutes (ill post with your permission) to show its not just me but thousands of humboldtians who are suffering the latency scurge…..


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