Mar 222008

Karen Armstrong is a tremendous writer on religion. She was honored recently at the Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) conference. Her acceptance talk is revelatory and I thought appropriate for this Easter weekend. She includes a proposal that offers a chance of transcendence for all of us. The 20 minute video is well worth watching and contemplating.

And if you aren’t aware of TED, check out the other talks available.

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Mar 182008

We’re slowly letting go of the video production side of our business. Lots of
reasons for this but one of them is the stiff competition. I mean with people
like these folks, it’s hard to imaging being able to match the quality and
effervescence they bring to their work. Enjoy!

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Mar 142008

Rich Ryan offered some exciting options in his presentation for the RTC last night. His company, Hunter Communications has a great deal of experience building fiber networks in rural areas. They seem to know the issues that confront a region like ours. They understand the physical and regulatory landscape. They also seem to be able to make economic sense out of building fiber in areas that are generally under served by the telcos.

Rich is also very community oriented and is open to partnering with anyone. He has an interest in expanding his operations in to Northern California. I am hoping we can get him started on some solutions very soon.

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Mar 122008

The Redwood Technology Consortium has invited Rich Ryan, CEO of Hunter Communications from Southern Oregon to speak at the monthly meeting tomorrow, March 13 at 5:30 PM. Ryan has built fiber networks in Oregon and is very interested in finding solutions for the North Coast.

Topics discussed will include:

* Hunter Communications background and current composition

* Development of fiber networks and the implementation of the Rural and
Metropolitan Area Network in Southern Oregon

* Vision for the Northern California Coastal Region and what a
regional fiber network could mean for businesses, municipalities and
other groups

* Hunter’s Plan for our region and how it fits in the “big picture”

Hunter Communications’ formed a creative public-private partnership model that leveraged pre-existing, school budgeted telecommunications funds to build a network infrastructure capable of handling regional demands, and currently servicing over 90 sites. Hunter’s efforts have resulted in unprecedented new communications and connectivity resources for a number of previously disregarded rural communities.

The meeting this month is at the Humboldt Area Foundation Conference Room. 373 Indianola Rd., Bayside.

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