I admit it. I’m a list addict. I love lists of things people have compiled. I’m sure I’m not alone. There are tons of lists of things on the web. Bloggers love to make lists and they draw lots of traffic. Lists are a quick way of learning a bunch of things quickly about a subject or getting links to resources you hadn’t known about before. As a collector of lists, I thought why not make a list of lists! What could be more meta? So, here is a list of lists I’ve come across in the last few days for WordPress. As Heraldo points out, many local bloggers have seen the light and have moved from Blogger to WordPress. I’d like to think I’ve led the way on that, having been a WordPress user from the beginning of this blog. But probably not. I’m sure they have all found there own way without my influence.

I will be doing othere Lists of Lists in the days ahead.

Caveat: I have not tried all this stuff, so I can’t vouch for it.

These lists, are mostly from Mashable (one of my favorite blogs for Web 2.0 news):

30+ Ajax Powered WordPress Plugins
50+ Multimedia Plugins for WordPress
50+ Admin Tools for WordPress
30+ Plugins for WordPress Comments
30+ WordPress Plugins for getting more blog readaers
83 Beautiful WordPress Themes You Probably Haven’t Seen
A Big List of WordPress Plugins and Tutorials
(lots of good stuff in the comments, too)

If you’re a WordPress fan and have your own favorite lists of resources, feel free to share them!