My brain. I think. No, not really. I imagine.Two months ago I posted about my mild cognitive impairment diagnosis, here. Since then, I have been tooling along as normal feeling no symptoms. The people I am surrounded by have told me they do not notice any diminished capacity and I have to trust they are being honest with me.

Among those people are a small group of fellow writers where we share work we’re developing. I have continued to bring my own work to the group. And they would clearly see, and honestly let me know if they’d noticed any change.

At the advice of my neurologist I also hand a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan of the old noggin’. I got the results two weeks ago and had a 5 minute office visit with the neurologist. Essentially, no issues were found!

I looked at the neurologist for a few moments (we were both wearing masks, obviously). Then I said, just to be sure. “That’s good news, right?”

He said. “Yes. That’s good news.”

That was it! I nearly floated out of the office. My wife was with me, in case I misheard or misunderstood some complicated piece of medical information. When we got into the car, I wept a little bit in relief.

I feel I have new life and energy. And a sense of urgency to get some things done. Who knows how long this all will last. None of us knows. Carpe diem!r