The notorious Buhne Tribune blog has gone off line. According to the article, the outing of the Captain’s real identity led to the demise of the blog: “One of the big reasons for his blog’s popularity was the mystique that came with it, he said. Once a real name and person was attached to it, it just wasn’t the same.”

Plus, people weren’t sending him email tips as readily.

I think this is the inevitable path for anonymous blogs. The world of information is just too wide open to keep  the mystery of anonymity alive for very long.  And if the mystery is one of the primary points of  fascination and popularity, when that goes, so goes the blog.

There is a trace still left of the Captain on line. A transcirpt of a KHUM interview from last year can be found here.

Best of luck Ryan Hurley and thanks for the traffic  from your blog back to here.