A couple weeks ago San Diego based DG Energy Solutions made a pitch for developing a renewable energy plant to be located at Fairhaven on the Samoa Penninsula. According to the article in the Eureka Reporter the company proposes to a ‘Trirenewable’ energy project. The three sources of energy would be wind from windmills, waves using a wave pump technology, and biomass which relies on burning vegetable matter such as wood chips to generate electricity.

I wonder if the company might considering adding a fourth source. Accorcing to this article a company in Dallas will be opening a plant to convert cow manure into energy. The plant will be located in, get this, Hereford, Texas which the company president calls the “Saudi Arabia of manure”. Given the number of dairy farms and political rhetoric around here, maybe Humboldt County could be considred the Turkmenistan of manure. Using manure to create electricty is a great way of solving two problems with one solution. I know farmers and ranchers who have a lot of animals have a problem getting rid of the byproduct. Shipping extra cow poop to Hereford is probably not feasible, but carting over to Fairhaven would be.

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