Perhaps we should look even more closely at the proposal by DG Energy Solutions. Or anyone else, for that matter. According to the Earth Policy Insitute, the cost of wind energy has dropped below that of conventional sources in certain areas of the U.S. From the article:

During the fall of 2005, climbing natural gas prices pulled conventional electricity costs above those of wind-generated electricity, the source of most green power. This crossing of the cost lines in Austin and several other communities is a milestone in the U.S. shift to a renewable energy economy.

The article goes on to claim that this crossover trend will continue to spread. But will our area embrace alternative energy or reject it as another intrusion in to our ‘ecosystem’.

Interest in wind energy is rising as production costs fall. Although media attention focuses on communities with a not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) response to wind turbines, such as the large, off-shore wind farm planned off Cape Cod, in most of the country wind farms are enthusiastically welcomed. Here, it’s the PIIMBY syndrome—put-it-in-my-backyard.

Will Humboldt County be a NIMBY or a PIIMBY community? What are the stances of our supervisorial candidates on this issue? Looking at the web sites of the candidates (those that I am aware of), Only Pat Higgins’ site makes a vague reference to supporting alternative energy.

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