According to the Times-Standard, “Security National has registered a series of Internet addresses related to a proposed development of the Balloon Tract, including, and” Addtional names they have registered include “,,,,, and”. None of these are active. They just registered the first set so people in opposition to their project wouldn’t be able to. That hasn’t stopped some folks who have created a site at where you can ‘sign’ a petition that states, “We the undersigned oppose using the waterfront Balloon Track property for a large retail development.” Other than links to articles and other information that’s all that’s on the site. No indication as to who or what organization is behind that site. A quick check of whois doesn’t reveal a thing. That always makes me suspicious.

Another new site has just been launched that plans to keep track of the tract project. This site appears to be neutral purporting to offer any information related to the fate of that parcel of land. But it does give a prominent link to the petition site.

Personally, I still don’t have a stand on this issue. I look forward to hearing arguements on both sides.