The Middle Mile Ownership

The Ownersip Model: a carrier’s carrier

– Focuos on selling to the communciation companies, not individuals
– Connect to underserved Communities
– Connect to large national carriers for transit

Characterisitics of a Carrier’s Carrier

Deep understanding of industry
Solid financial resources
In it for the long haul

What is the structure?

For profit, privately-owned company
Possibly with sme unique goals to ensure that the community is served

Middle Mile Operational Model

Provision to carriers (ie to cox, verizon, at&t and other ISPs)

Outsource the Operations and maintentnance
Keep as much staff local as possible

Financials: Still working on details

Buried and aerial routes being determined
East to Redding following 299. I thought we were looking at Hwy 36
this connects to at&t fiber and the Level 3 fiber that runs north south in central California
Build a co-location center in Eureka where all carriers could install equipment

Q & A
What does Del Norte do?
A: Multi-county agency to approach state to cut through the crap: Exactly my suggestion. RCRA (web site coming) could facilitate this.

Is back-up at the same level of existing service realistic?
A: This what users are telling her. Not home users. Industrial level users. Are the willing to pay for it? It appears so.

Has she identified a company that could pull this off?
A: No. But she has sketched the characteristics of such a company.
What is the capitalization required?
A: Initial cost $10-$20 million. Then ongoing cost.