OK, since my birthday is one week after New Year’s I tend to conflate the two in terms of resolutions and starting anew. As each year passes I also get older, nearer the end (that is unless you subscribe to Ray Kurzweil’s theories). This makes resolutions more meaningful and pointless at the same time. So, here they are.  Check back to see how I do:

1. Quit procrastinating (oops, missed that one)

2. Make more lists of things to do so I can cross them off

3. Tell the people that I love that I love them

4. Exercise more (I’m becoming a fanatic)

5. Write more (not just blog posts)

6. Share what I write

7. Make at least 2 web sites this year that are not for clients

8. Remember what’s important (see #3)

9. Travel more

10. Be more generous