That could be roman numeral four, but it could also be IV like in intravenous, as in fiber and other wired and unwired pathways for data which our body politic needs so badly to be healthy. OK, I’ve strained the analogy too much. In any case, if you’re interested in the health of the region’s telecommunications infrastructure, marke the date for Broadband Forum IV to be held August 22 21 at Fortuna’s River Lodge.

There should be plenty to discuss as Redwood Coast Connect should have assembled the data they have been gathering and be ready with a presentation. People will be reporting on state efforts to improve broadband services. And I have high hopes that by then at least one solid plan for an alternate fiber route will have been unveiled.

In a time when fuel prices continue to skyrocket, the Internet will become an even more crucial factor in economic and cultural development as more and more of our transactions will need to take place in the global data network.