Over on the Redwood Technology Consortium mailing list (anyone can join, you don’t have to be a member) there’s been some discussion about an AT&T press release that was posted to the list. The headline of the Press Release reads “AT&T ANNOUNCES EXPANDED AVAILABILITY OF HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESS SERVICES IN EUREKA”. But the content of the release had no mention of expanded coverage. Instead the article talked about its various price/service programs. While interesting, there was not much really newsworthy in this release.

People on the list quickly pointed this out, and complaind that expanded coverage really would have been something to write a press release about. DSL in the Eureka area (and elsewhere) is still notoriously spotty. Humboldt Hill, parts of Cutten, even the Pine Hill area right on the edge of the city limits have not been able to get DSL service.

It appears, though, that AT&T actually has increased its service areas, though it’s not clear where. According to some accounts, they now do cover Humboldt Hill and Freshwater. This information was gleaned anecdotally from technicians called out on service calls.

If this is true, it’s good news, and I hope they keep expanding their service areas. But it’s odd they have not actually sent out a release on this. I still don’t know if we can get service in our area.