Sure. For what search term?

I don’t do a lot of  pure SEO/SEM work. Why? Because I ask too many questions that clients can’t or won’t answer: For what term(s) do you want to be highly ranked? Isn’t the real goal to make more sales or get qualified leads? What kind of traffic are you currently getting? What are your expectations? How much of that traffic comes from organic search results? Where else do you get traffic from? What is the value of your web site and its traffic to your business? Are you willing to change the design and structure of your site to make it more spider friendly? Do you have time (or money to spend) for adding quality content? Do you know what search terms people are using to find you now?

I don’t really expect most small business owners to have the answers to all these questions. But doing a good job at this takes some time and effort, especially if the business is in a competitive market. It’s not black magic. Most of SEO is common sense. But it’s also a long term, ongoing process with no quick fix.