On our trip to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington I helped guide our way using my IPhone and the Google maps app. I was having fun watching our pin move along Highway 101, going around curves as we drove around the same curves. My wife said “Look out the window!” Oh, yeah – there’s Sequim Bay and lots of trees. “But look, this app is tracking our every move!” I said.

I have to admit I keep my nose stuck in too many screens. I guess Nick Bilton of the New York Times Bits Blog feels the same way. His New Year resolution is not to be quite so reflexive in grabbing a gadget to record and mediate his experiences.

I can relate, Nick. I may have to add this to my non-existence list of resolutions. So, now I have a list:

  1. Get more done
  2. Don’t be such a geek and look around

Who’s with me? Of course, then I wouldn’t be able to share this cool photo of the bay and Olympic Mountains:

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