If you’re an aficianado of local blogs you’re sure to have read the Buhne Tribune. BTW, is it pronounced Buhner as in Buhne St. in Eureka or Buhne (no r) as in Buhne St. in King Salmon? I guess if it were “Buhner” it would also have to be Tribuner.

Anyway, yesterday the anonymous blogger was outed by Kevin Hoover of the Arcata Eye. The Humboldt County blogosphere has been all atwitter ever since. I thought I’d add my twit. The Times-Standard article covering the outing quoted a whole bunch of folks about how anonymous blogging is kinda lame. I’m a little miffed that they didn’t ask me. After all, I wrote about the lameness of anonymous blogging and in particular mentioned the Captain, way back when! The Captain graciously quoted my post under his “Raves”, extracting the word “disturbing”. I appreciate it as I got occasional hits from the link. Thanks, Capn’!

Just to reinforce the lameness of anonymous posting of any kind, read the stupid anonymous “Comments” on the Times-Standard article.

Anyway, welcome to the real world Mr. Hurley!