One of the highlights of Broadband Forum III on Thursday was the unveiling of a nifty new site designed to educate people about the ecology of the redwood forests. A joint project of Humboldt State University students and high school students as part of Cybertribe, the web site is a fun, interactive, visually appealing tour of the flora and fauna amongst our giant trees. Redwood Ecology

Once you get past the opening splash page (they do provide a way to ‘skip the intro’) you get to a beautifully rendered portrait of a forest dense with life. Many of the elements in this forest are clickable and lead to page that provides some great information on the plant or animal you clicked on. While not particularly deep in content (there are only 12 information pages) sophisticated technically (it’s pretty basic Flash), it’s pretty impressive for students and will be a great way for kids to learn about one of our region’s most famous assets. I hope there will be more of these collaborations.