Trinidad ViewpointWe recently launched a couple new sites I’d like to mention:

The first is a small site promoting a couple of unique coastal parcels just north of Trinidad. They aren’t for sale, yet, but they should become available soon. Pretty spectacular land. If you know anyone with lots of cash. Maybe an Internet mogul who wants to relocate or build a vacation home, pass it along.

The other is a new site for Danco Group which is in the news today over the Board of Supervisors approval of a new affordable housing development in Myrtletown. On this one we worked with a designer from San Francisco who has been handling Danco’s marketing pieces. We implemented the design and built some clever tools for the front end as well as building some unique Danco-Groupmodules for our new Content Management System.

The goal was to consolidate the various Danco companies in to a single unified site. The overall affect is one of simplicity. But the there are some neat features, and the structure has the ability to grow over time. All their sites/domains have not been brought in to this fold, yet. But that will happen over time.