3 police shootings this year and buildings burning. The latest building to go down in flames is the old building at 3rd and G that housed Eureka Wholesale Meats and was about to house Avalon’s new venture, a wine tasting room. Since our office is in the Carson Block at 3rd and F I thought I better run down and see what was what.Fire Damage 2

Our building was fine, the fire stopped at the firewall wall of the building next door. But our offices still smell of smoke. The landlords had been there all night and were still pumping water from the fire hoses out of the basement.

On top of that, while the fire was going on. There was a fight at the corner of 3rd and F and some guy got thrown through a large window at the Discovery Museum. The Greg Gehr from Northern California Indian Development Council (owners of the Carson Block) was on hand and boarded up the window while he was busy pumping water from the basement. fireman.jpg

So, I took a few photos of the burned building for the record. While I was there, I ran in to Paul Dixon from New Life Services Company (we just recentlyFire Damage 1 redesigned their web site so there’s the tech angle!). They do storm and fire restoration. The ground floor of the building next to ours suffered a great deal of smoke and

water damage and housed a wonderful antiques store. He said they should be able to clean and restore 40%-60% of the antiques and help with cleaning the damage to the building.