It’s been a long road, but the new Eureka Chamber of Commerce web site finally launched this past week. This is a Drupal site with a nice design by our friends at Carson Park Design. We converted their Photoshop file to a Drupal template. We installed and configured numerous modules, ported content and imported (several times) their membership directory.  We trained staff on managing Eureka Chamber Web Sitethe site and they are off and running.

Most importantly, we moved them from a proprietary system that wasn’t really working to an open source platform that will server their needs for years to come. We were able to use the latest version of Drupal and did very little customization which means they could easily work with any other Drupal developer in the future, and upgrades will be relatively easy.

That’s 2 local chambers we’ve done with Drupal and we’ve got a long stack of sites in development. Things are good!