In one week I will turn f’ing 58! There is no reversing time. But you can get stuck on a rock as the river flows around you.

A friend asked me a couple weeks ago on his birthday if I ever felt like letting go of trying to keep up with new developments in technology. I have, in fact, thought about it. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. Sometimes I get tired. Always I am aware of how little I really know and how small a piece of the world of technology I am aware of and have time to follow.

But letting it all go would mean what? Maybe I would return to something more true, like writing fiction and poetry where my heart was for so many years. Maybe I would return to theater where I spent 20 years of my professional life. Maybe I would just find more time to kayak (which has it’s own interminable depths of hardware and learning and technological advances).

I’ve been doing tech for 20 years now, though, so it’s become so much a part of me, it would be hard to stop learning and trying new things. Back when I started, tech was a fun side note to my “real life” in theater and academia. Now, as with so many people, it permeates everything I do.  And I have lots of ideas and projects that will keep me moving ahead for quite a while. Still, I need to keep in perspective that all the apps and gadgets are really just a means to connect with real people, no matter how many robots I come in contact with.

Happy new year. Happy birthday to me!