One of the more vital technological advancements that we can participate in is the work going on in renewable resources. A lot of work has been done recently and those advances can be put to use right now. A new local group (not a lot on the site, yet) dedicated to promoting the use of green technologies is sponsoring a “Plan it Green” conference in Eureka on January 17. From their press release:

Plan It Green presents Humboldt County’s first ever “Building Green Communities” conference. The conference will be held January 17th, 2007 at the Warfinger building in Eureka. The conference is FREE to all participants thanks to the generosity of local businesses.

The first session, “Implementation of Building Codes and Ordinances” will cover the costs and benefits of implementing green standards into local codes and ordinances.

The second session, “Creating a Green Building Rating System for Humboldt County”. will cover; green rating systems, applicability of these rating systems in Humboldt county, and examples of green projects.

The third session, “How Green Buildings Benefit Your Family, Business, And Community” will discuss what makes a building green, how these green buildings improve our community, and case studies of some local green buildings.

The catered dinner is from 5:00pm ­ 6:30pm and is $25, reservations required.

There is contact information on their website.