In case you’re confused, there really are two Earth Days: One, held on the Spring Equinox, was started in 1970 and is recognized by the U.N.; the other, more popular in the U.S., and also first celebrated in 1970 is held on April 22. You can read about the two versions at Wikipedia. I think what’s most important is focusing on the health of the Earth today, and every day.

Of course there is the huge issue of global warming that seems to be moving ever slowly and inevitably like, well, like a glacier. Looked at up closely in our every day lives we can’t really see it moving. Looked at from a greater distance and over time we can see it moving toward us with increasing velocity and unstoppable force.

Reading about global warming does make it feel unstoppable, overwhelming. But is it? Are we already too late, past the tipping point? According to Elizabeth Kolbert who wrote an excellent 3 part series in the the New Yorker (unfortunately, no longer on line)  says in this interview, we can’t reverse global warming, but we “…can mitigate climate change by reducing emissions.”

So what can we do here on the North Coast to help mitigate the climage change? With gas well over $3.00 per gallon already here, one obvious action would be to drive less. Walk more, bicycle more, plan better.

We can also support efforts for the development of alternative energy sources. We can be more concientious about how we treat our waste. The Humboldt Recycler’s page by fellow blogger Fred Mangels provides a lot of resources for alternatives to just throwing things out.

You can also just get outside and enjoy the sun in this gorgeous world of ours to highten your appreciation and will to help save it. You might even do it this weekend in an organized way say, at Godwit Days.