Vint Cerf, the “father of the Internet” has claimed that at least quarter of the world’s PCs some 150 million are infected by programs that harness them as part of botnets for attacking servers and sending spam. Others say this number is conservative. Beyond that, consider the number of PCs harboring adware, spyware, and other evil goodies that are swarming about the global network just waiting for an unprotected computer or an unsuspecting person to click the wrong thing and you’ve got an unlimited market for PC cleanup.

Well here is a chance for you to clean up your PC on the cheap, do your part to save the Internet from total corruption, and help out a local youth tech group. Cybertribe, based in Arcata is offering a Malware Mow Down and Virus Contest February 26 to March 3. For a suggested donation of $50.00 (tax deductible) trained Cybertribe technicians will remove malware, spyware and viruses from your computer (a $120.00 value). The computer with the most infections will win the contest and will be serviced for free. If you’re interested, call 822-1015 to schedule an appointment.

This is a fundraiser for Cybertribe to cover the expense of attending the 2007 Game Developers Conference next month in San Francisco. Building computer games is a huge market. Apparently several Cybertribe geeks are interested in careers in game development. So, not only would you be helping yourself by cleaning up your computer (what are the chances yours carries malware?), helping to protect the rest of us on the Internet, you will have the chance to support this great group and their ambitions. Talk about a triple play!