A team of Redwood Technology Consortium members and helpers have put together a site that HomeMatch.org is designed to match people who have a need for temporary housing resulting from the fires in Southern Californa with people willing to put them up. The result of a brainstorm by Larry Goldberg the site went up within 24 hours of Larry soliciting for help on the RTC mailing list. Local developers Josh Koenig of ChapterThreeLLC, Matt Koglin of Antinomia, and Michael Welch of Redwood Alliance pitched in to get the basic site up.

The develpers used Drupal, an open source content management system a site framework. It’s a great example of how a simple service can be created almost instantly using a tool like Drupal. Over time the site can be expanded and refined with Drupal’s extensive module system. The site can be re-tooled to address similar needs for any future disaster.

Congratulations folks!