Not to toot our own horn. OK, yes, to toot our own horn somewhat: You should check out Homework Hotline, especially if you have children in school. It’s a new show produced by KEET-TV designed to help kids with their math and science homework. It’s hosted by two local teachers (they rotate each week). Kids can call in with questions and they get answered right on the air. Each show also features a healthy recipe and a report on a project at one of the schools.

Here’s our horn part: We built the web site for the show. Check it out. The site keeps a record of all the recipes and eventually they will have a knowledgebase of science and math questions and answers. (The system is there, they just haven’t put much in to it yet). The site is completely sefl-managed by the KEET staff and will be updated regularly.

From what I understand, the show is already a big hit and they may expand it to 4 days/week next year. With the rapid changes in technology and its impact on our economy, giving kids an enthusiastic boost in math and science could be a great public service.