Because I run a site that indexes other sites about Humboldt County, I come across a number of sites that I otherwise wouldn’t have a clue about. Several blogs (this site is a blog, btw) have recently been added to HumGuide lately, so I decided to create a new sub-category in the Media category. There are 3 there now besides this one. If any of you know of others, please feel free to submit them to HumGuide.

Fred’s Humboldt Blog has been around since March of 2005. Fred is an avowed Libertarian and his posts reflect his perspective. But Fred has a sense of humor about it all and it’s clear he has a real love for the area we live in.
The two other blogs, Buhne Tribune and the Snollygoster Half-Sheet purport to be focused on critiquing local media. Both of them seem more strident and sarcastic than Fred’s blog. That’s OK. They have more ‘attitude’. But what’s disturbing about them is that neither has an identifiable author. Who is Capt. Buhne? And what is a Snollygoster? I haven’t read every post in these blogs so I might have missed something. But if there is some personal information on these sites, it’s not being made obvious. It’s hard to take the opinions seriously without some context for who is voicing them.

Still, I’m happy to see folks entering the dialogue and hope I discover more blogs in the Humboldt space.