It’s sometimes nice to have a soap box. Suddenlink’s head of technology for the western region got wind of my blog post about the problems I had with Tivo and Suddenlink (probably through Google’s News Alerts service). He followed a link to our web site and called my office yesterday. I went over what happened and he promised to look in to it. Sure enough, that afternoon I got a call from Suddenlink local and had an appointment for a service call.

It turns out, there was nothing really wrong with the cable service. Something on the Tivo box had gotten reset (must have been user error on our part). But Tivo support couldn’t help me. The “cable guy” fixed it, explained the issue and all is well. So, I apologize for dumping so heavily on Suddenlink.

However, the  real problem came when I went in to the Suddenlink office to try and get clarification and no one seemed to have a clue, provided wrong information and confirmed that wrong information with others elsewhere in the organization. So, there was really a training and communication breakdown there.

It turns out I don’t need the cable cards that Suddenlink still actually does not have in stock unless I upgrade to their digital TV service. Until then, I got my Tivo back!

Thanks, cable guys….