A couple months ago I spent several hours searching for speakers for my iPad. I read lots of specs and product reviews on many websites. I was looking for the sweet spot where price, features and quality sound converge. In spite of the horrible brand name (iLuv, puhlease!) I settled on this model (you can see it, sort of on the left there – it’s black, holding a black iPad on a black desk – not the best photographic conditions).

All my screens on my desk

Command Center

Here’s why I like these speakers:

  • The sound is good. Not great, but enough of a boost in bass and richness that makes watching video more pleasurable.
  • Portrait and Landscape. It easily rotates so you can read in portrait mode and watch video in landscape. This is a really, really, nice feature.
  • Flexible: You can change the angle of the screen holder to suit your needs.
  • Charges the iPad while you’re using it.
  • Compact: It doesn’t take up much space on my admittedly crowded desk.
  • Price: There were cheaper models that didn’t have the features. And there were some very expensive speakers that I’m sure would have had better sound, but also had none of the features I like about this one. Sweet spot.

The quibbles are minor:

  • As I said, the sound is OK. But what can you expect at this price?
  • It’s a little tricky getting the iPad on the stand.
  • I doesn’t have the “feel” of a product that was built to last a long time. If feels a little flimsy. But I have had no problems with it after months of almost daily use.
  • There’s a remote which I have never used and now can’t find. It comes with an app for the iPhone. I guess that’s not a quibble. I just thought I’d throw it in because it’s part of the package.

Anyway, I thought I’d share. Could be a great Christmas present for your iPad owning pals. Here’s the affiliate link if you’re interested: