The Eureka Reporter has a story that the inquest in to the shooting death of Cheri Moore may be made available live on the Internet. What’s interesting about the headline and the reporter’s words is that the both state with assurance that this will happen. But the quote from county coroner Frank Jager states, “‘We are attempting to get a live feed on the Internet…'”. So, it’s not really clear that this will happen. The inquest begin Tuesday morning. This would be a good thing to make available. It’s not rocket science. I’m sure therr a plenty of people who could help get that feed going.

At the moment, no URL is available for this feed. If I learn the URL I will post it here and on HumGuide. Transperancy in government is a good thing.

UPDATE: Haven’t seen anything about the live feed. But the Times-Standard plans to put up video of the proceedings on the same day. The morning session will go up in the afternoon and the afternoon session will go up in the evening.