One of the more touching moments during the celebration of Don Wolski’s life this Sunday was when Don’s brother talked about all the support they had received from the community during Don’s illness. The rest of the family , he said, lived in big cities where they could never imagine such an upwelling of nuturing and caring. He wanted us to know what a special place Humboldt County is.

This was a beautiful thing to say. I have often had this feeling – that there is something special about this area and the people who make it their home. But is it true that this kind of coming together doesn’t happen elsewhere? I am sure it does. And others must feel the same sense of specialness about the places they live.

It brings to mind the reports I read and hear on the radio of Iraqis who have been forced to flee their country out of fear of death and how they all long to return and how in fact they intend to return as soon as possible. They love Baghdad or Falleujah. To them these are the special places.

I’ve lived here for over 20 years and I love it. But I still think about moving back to Sonora where I grew up, even though I hate what development has done to that once beautiful little town.

So I wonder – is there something unique about Humboldt County?