So, yesterday I did about 10 minutes in front of the Eureka Rotary. I’m a member. I was part of a presentation about the Redwood Technology Consortium. I am President of the Board! And before I got in to technology, I spent about 20 years in professional and academic theater doing everything from circus to Shakespeare.

When I used to do theater I was extremely confident. I could walk out on stage and make the audience laugh with my entrance. I felt the power of the spotlight. I thought I could do the same with this crowd. I thought I knew the material (RTC and local telecom issues). I had a joke ready. But I blew it.
I said ‘uh’ in front of every sentence. I was uncomfortabale. I was nervous. I felt the audience staring at me waiting for something interesting or funny and I couldn’t deliver. I wanted to get off stage as quickly as possible.

Maybe it wasn’t that bad. But I felt horrible. Where did that guy go who could hold an audience just by looking at them? He’s been buried for 10 years. At least my cat and dog think I’m still fascinating. One reason to have pets I guess.