A couple weeks ago we held Broadband Forum II at the River Lodge in Fortuna. It’s a very nice facility. But it was chosen mainly because it had broadband access with a wireless network. We just couldn’t imagine having a conference about broadband in a facility that didn’t offer broadband to the guests and it was the only facility in Eureka or Fortuna that had such capability.

In a couple weeks my company will be participating in a conference with medical professionals from all over the county at the North Coast Inn. We didn’t organize the event, but those that did said the Inn boasts a complete conference facility. However, not only does the North Coast Inn not have wireless access, they don’t even have a broadband connection. As a result because we will be demoing a web site, we will need to build a mirror of the site on a laptop to assure fast and easy access during the demo.

What is it with our conference facilities here in the county? By this time to have only one facility that offers something so basic as broadband/wireless access is really pitiful. It’s such a low cost, high value service it just makes no sense.

Some good news has arrived. Baywood Country Club is undergoing renovations which will include a small conference room seating 20 people. But included in the renovations and upgrades will be WI-Fi access throughout the clubhouse, restaurant and bar areas. This means one more facility with amenities that are crucial for many events. Let’s hope this is a trend other facilities will emulate soon.

Another note, it seems neither the North Coast Inn nor Baywood Country Club have a web site. At least not that I could find. What the heck is that about?