Good news for the downtown Eureka area. Cox (Cebridge/SuddenLink?), the Redwood Region Economic Development Commission (RREDC) and the Redwood Technology Consortium have teamed up to provide another free wireless hotspot. Cox has provided the broadband connection RREDC has provided the location and support, and RTC is providing the wireless router. The hotspot can be accessed in and around the Prosperity Center, 520 E St.

This was really easy to do. Why can’t other buildings where meetings are commonly held provide the same basic service? Why do the Wharfinger Building and the Adorni Center not have this service? Stay tuned.

In other wireless news,if you’re attending a meeting or conference at the Red Lion, you should be able to get a free day pass to access their wireless system. I have done this twice recently. Works great. Just don’t get caught watching videos on YouTube or reading the New York Times when you should be taking notes…
And finally a web site has been set up to list free wireless hotspots in the county. If you know of any not listed it only takes a moment to submit the information. the site uses the Google Maps API for the mapping interface. Thanks to Doug Renwick of HostGIS for creating the service.