Over in Myrtletown, Marshall Sparks has upgraded his free Wi-Fi hot spot to cover more area. He claims it’s the “largest residential internet wireless hotspot” in Humboldt C0unty. That may be. I’m not sure what all the qualifiers mean. But I am happy there is more Wi-Fi access. It’s really wonderful that grassroots efforts like this are emerging. It’s baffling why city and county governments are not doing much of anything to spread low cost telecommunications. It’s been over a year since the City of Eureka called some of us in to a meeting to say they were working on a plan to come up with a plan to install a wireless network in the city. On the other hand some grassroots efforts haven’t done well either. I have a router that’s been sitting in my office for about a year that was supposed to be part of an Old Town Wi-Fi network that some folks were trying to pull together. It’s still just sitting there, serving nothing.

So congratulations Marshall in getting this done!