Apparently Suddenlink access was down in Eureka and Arcata for a large part of the day yesterday. Fortunately for us we have DSL at the office. By the time we got home, where we have Suddenlink (mainly because DSL has not been available at our location) was back up.

When the sale of the local franchise by Cox to  Cebridge (that has been re-branded as Suddenlink – OK, OK, stop with the commercials!) was announced, we had been told how much better things would be. Humboldt County, while a tiny drop in the Cox ocean, would become a relatively large market in Suddenlink’s system. But with a horribly handled email transition from Cox, erratic email service in general, poor technical support, the odd file upload problem and now this, things appear quite different. Did the company grow too fast by absorbing Humboldt County and other regions? Were they just not that good a company to begin with? Hard to say, now. I only hope they manage to get their act together soon. As we have all learned by the recent fiber outages, Internet access has become indispensable and must be reliable.