Apparently there’s a new study that assigns a name to the anger engendered by visiting badly designed web sites. You know, the kind that load really slowly have a lot of ugly ads and annoying pop-ups. I’d like to add that just down right ugly sites or sites where the information you’re looking for is hard to find can be a terrible waste of time and a source of frustration. But do we really need to give this ‘syndrome’ a name? Isn’t it the same anger I get at slow moving or broken ATMs or black holes in cell phone coverage? It’s the frustration caused by the expectations that technology will make our lives simpler and run more smoothly when often it’s just the opposite. We’ve been trained to rely on computers and other gadgets and when they don’t work correctly or even create roadblocks in life it can be maddening.

Still I guess it’s good to recognize this sub-genre of tech frustration: The crappy web site! There are far too many of them.