So I was approached by a friend whose son, a student at Winship Middle School, is trying to raise money for a student exchange trip to Japan. One of the ways he is doing this is collecting old cell phones that can be recycled. I said, “Sure, I think I have a couple old cell phones sitting around the house collecting dust.” Then, coincidentally, I read this article about how data, you think has been cleared off your old phone can be dredged up and used against you. It’s not enough you have to sand blast your hard drive before you get rid of a computer. Soon, with so many devices collecting and sharing data about you, everything you own will have to be shredded before dumping else someone will learn what moldy food we tend to leave in the refrigerator and how often we leave our back door unlocked. I heard about toilets in Japan that not only have pre-warmed seats, they run tests on the deposits you make to them and send the data wirelessly to your PC. Man where’s the firewall when you need one!

When your whole life is displayed on the network like a dissected frog, will there be any more need for lawsuits against NSA wiretapping?