A new web cam pointed at the Arcata Plaza has arrived. It’sArcata Plaza Cam Screen Shot momentarily interesting. But unless something actually happens on the Plaza, like a drug bust or the Oyster Festival, I’m not sure of the appeal. Also, I’m not sure what caching scheme is being used, but once I’ve visited the site in Firefox, returning back to the site later brings me back in time to original point when I first visited. I’ve tried everything (clearing browser cache, forcing reload) short of restarting the browser to see if I can get a current view of the Plaza. For this screen shot I had to open Safari. Maybe it’s just my Mac operating system that doesn’t work will with the camera.

Installed by C4i Security, a company which specializes in video security systems, I wonder if it’s as much designed to monitor the Plaza by officials as it is a novelty for interested civilians. At least from the public page Camel Rock Surf Camthere are no controls such as pan and zoom (like the Camel Rock Surf Cam), so the fixed angle is pretty limiting.