Blue Lake writer and web publisher Kevin Savetz has recently launched a new service for the blind. It’s a simple service that connects the blind with volunteer readers. The idea is that a blind person can fax in any piece of text or a scan and a volunteer reader will call them and read it to them. Here’s Kevin’s own description:

Read This To Me is a free reading service for the blind, powered by volunteers and Internet collaboration.

ReadThisToMe allows blind and low-vision people to have printed documents read to them over the phone. All the blind person needs is a phone line and a fax machine (no computer is required.) Here’s how it works:

The blind person faxes the document to be read to the ReadThisToMe toll-free fax number: 1-877-333-8848. The first page of the fax needs to be a cover page that includes the client’s first name and callback (voice) phone number. The document itself can be just about anything: a handwritten letter, a bill, a can of food, a multi-page magazine article — just about anything that can be faxed Then, one of ReadThisToMe’s volunteer readers will call the client back and read the document.

The service is available throughout the U.S. and is absolutely free, though donations and business sponsorships are accepted.

More information is available at Or, a recorded message describing how to use the service can be heard by calling 1-877-333-8847.

This is way cool! And while you’re at it, you should check out some of the other useful and fun sites Kevin is producing.