Each year the Rural Telecommunications Congress has a conference that brings together rural community leaders in technolgoy and economic development along with industry and government leaders to discuss the future of broadband in rural areas of the U.S. The conference is in its final day. Unfortunately, we were not able to send anyone this year. However, Andrew Cohill (keynote speake at our own Tech Expo several years back) is attending (and speaking) and has posted a couple blog entries that should be of some interest.

He reports on an address (his link to EAST is broken, but mine is not) by the leaders of the EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technologies) program which is very active here in the local schools.

His second post is about a talk by Ken Pigg of the Universit of Missouri who “has been studying community use of technology for more than a decade.” I won’t resummarize the points here but they are highly relevant to the economic and technological development of our region. Everyone interested in these topics should take note.