Redwood Technology Consortium board member Daria Topousis did a great job summarizing the achievements, transitions and goals of the organization in today’s Tech Beat.  She mentions that one of the highlights that the RTC community is the networking opportunities. I am excited about the new formats we will be trying this year with the luncheons and a tech conference. People may remember the RTC Tech Fairs we put on for several years. The conference will be a more focused one day event with the emphasis on sharing knowledge and experience.

One of the networking features that the RTC community continues to praise is the mailing list where tech news, information and support is shared (you don’t have to be a paid RTC member to join the list). I have a personal goal this coming year to try and use the RTC web site to offer more networking possibilities. Since this is a Drupal site there are many tools available that could be developed to make the site much more interactive. Our first step will be to do a version upgrade and some basic enhancements. But then I’d like to see us use more of the potential of the Drupal platform to help make RTC an even more vibrant community.