Pretty much every day I listen to The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor. He always mentions the birthday of a few famous or infamous people. Today, he mentioned Elvis Presley, John Neihardt, the writer of Black Elk Speaks, and astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. He didn’t mention me for some reason. I also still don’t have a page in Wikipedia. What’s up with that?

Other than January 8 as a birthday, I don’t see much in common among these folks and me. Would some astrologist please explain this? I am sure there is some “reasonable” connection that would confirm the theory that the heavenly spheres and their relative placement affects our personalities and daily lives.

I am officially 60 years old today. I hope to be around for many more. But if you believe some theories it will be my last. And unless your birthday is after December 21, it will be the last birthday for all of us. If your birthday is 12/21 or later in the month, then you’ve already seen your last birthday.

So, what do astrologers have to say about this end of the world scenario? Thankfully, some are able to interpret the signs. For example, this guy:

Thanks man! It all makes perfect sense, now…