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An Update on MCI

Two months ago I posted about my mild cognitive impairment diagnosis, here. Since then, I have been tooling along as normal feeling no symptoms. The people I am surrounded by have told me they do not notice any diminished capacity and I have to trust they are being...

A Mild Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis

A Mild Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis

A few weeks ago, after I complained to my primary physician that I had trouble memorizing lines for some scenes I was rehearsing for a benefit performance, he referred me to a neurologist. After taking a battery of verbal/written tests, the neurologist determined I...

This Seems Reasonable

I occasionally get spam voice mails to my Google phone. It's not a number I answer so the i only hear the message when I play the recording. I got one the other day. Here's the transcript: "I'm charged $1,499. We noticed some suspicious activity on your account. So we...

“Old Age Ain’t No Place for Sissies”

This quote, often attributed to the great actress Bette Davis came up in conversation today with a friend I have known for over 50 years. He was going through the litany of miseries he is suffering from cancer and the various treatments for it. The most radical...

Alternative Meat

Except for a brief period in my idealistic youth when I became a vegetarian, I've enjoyed eating meat. I enjoy the taste, the texture, the smell of meat of all kinds. I've eaten game I've shot when I used to hunt. Dove, pigeon, quail, deer, rabbit, squirrel. For most...

Joy Sorrow Fear Anger

  3 weeks and 1 day ago, our first grandchild was brought into the world. This made us gloriously happy. But it was accompanied by a deep sadness. Because of the pandemic we have had to put off indefinitely flying out to visit our grandson, daughter, and...

Reviews of Free Zoom Alternatives

Brief Reviews of Free Video Conferencing Platforms After using a licensed version of Zoom for a month, I began casting about for free alternatives that would satisfy the basic needs of a couple group meetings that we participate in regularly. Don't get me wrong. I...

Two Poems from Youth

I don't know what has possessed me to post these poems. I have no way to judge their quality. I had a youthful desire to be a poet and wrote a many of them and shared some in readings, and in now long forgotten anthologies. At some point I packed up that dream and...