Adventure’s Edge At Last

It’s been a long road, but a couple weeks ago we got the OK to launch the new Adventure’s Edge web site. We’re pretty proud of this project because of the various tools we either built or incorporated in to the site.

We’re quite proud of the design. It’s simple and straightforward, but with the Flash on the home page and some dynamic tools, it’s a vast improvement over their old site.

Adventure’s EdgeWe used our own in-house content management system for most of the site. But we integrated WordPress in to the design as a blogging tool. Not only has the design been integrated, but we also made recent blog post titles availabe on the home page and on the various department pages.

We also built a tool to highlight all the brands they sell, and when they get their new online store up and running, the brand names will link directly to the store categories for those manufacturers.

BTW, Adventure’s Edge is now under new ownership with some new people helping to run the show and they seem very enthusiastic about making the site useful and effective for their customers.