Back to Berkeley

Back in the 70s I lived in Berkeley and had a great time. It’s surprising how little things have changed, at least as far as I’ve wandered from my motel on University Ave. Of course, back then there were no cell phone stores or Macintosh stores. And lots of the restaurants have changed. But the streets themselves feel much the same, the buildings look familiar. I haven’t been down Telegraph yet, though, and back then it was a hippie/radical artery. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time to take a tour.

I’m here for what I hope will be a fun weekend for BADCamp (Bay Area Drupal Camp) – 2 days of workshops on a hugely popular open source content management framework that we have been using more and more for our projects. I have a feeling I may be by far the oldest person at this thing. From what I can tell from interactions with the Drupal community, most of the people involved weren’t even born when I used to hang here. But it’s a good, positive thing to focus on while the economy melts down around me.