At Drupalcon

My hotel is only 5 blocks from the Verizon  Convention Center in Washington, D.C. So it’s an easy walk in the cold morning sun. But today, day 2 of Drupalcon, as I got to the Convention Center door I realized I forgot my pass to Drupalcon. So I hiked back to the hotel, and the back to the center. 15 blocks already today.

So far this morning I’ve been to a session on the Semantic web (geeky but really inspiring to see what’s possible and whats coming) and a great talk by an Internet philosopher, David Wineberger: Is Drupal moral? Uh, yes. Happed to sit next to Dries (originator of Drupal). Thought he looked relieved by the conclusion by Mr. Wineberger. Kidding. I think he was already convinced.

I am waiting for the next session to start, so I have a few moments, but not enough to offer any details. However, in 2 days, I have learned a great deal about Drupal that and its possibilities both as a technology platform and a social platform, that I will really need to find some time to synthaize some of this while I am here, and not wait until I get back. I also know I am missing some good sessions as I can only go to one out for 4 each hour. But I discovered where they are storing the videos of all the sessions.