Firefox Losing the Browser War to Chrome


I’ve used Firefox almost exclusively as my main browser for years. I’ve always appreciated its expandability and its support for coding standards. But I use Chrome and Safari for testing websites and other functions. Recently, though, I have been using Chrome more and more as the default browser.. It’s fast and renders pages quite well. And now Firefox has been quitting unexpectedly causing me to have to restart it several times each day. This may not be the fault of Firefox. My MacBook Pro is old and loaded with things that could be causing the conflict. Or it may be some plug-in conflict. But I don’t really have time to troubleshoot the issues.

This post on Tripwire Magazine providing 30 Chrome extensions for developers, designers and bloggers pretty well sealed the deal for me. These are some great extensions, many are useful even if you’re just a blogger. Plus, I love the way the extensions are active immediately without have to restart the browser.

I have set Chrome as my default browser, relegating Firefox to special functions and testing. Now if I can just get my Last Pass extension to recognize the logins for all the sites I need to access, I will be golden on Chrome.