Is It Really All Over?

I can’t wait for the election to be over. Like many people I am worn out by the whole thing. I understand, on the other hand, that many others are on the edge of their seats and in fact working the phones and the streets like crazy to get out the vote. I applaud that effort.

But according to most of the polls and many commentators, Obama has a strong lead and McCain only a slim chance of  turning the tide. Still, the McCain team continues to declare that the race is tightening and McCain will win. But according to The Atlantic journalist James Fallows, McCiain’s appearance on Saturday Night Live is a clear admittance of defeat. That’s an interesting perspective. And watching the show after reading the blog post it really makes sense. McCain seemed relaxed and his old self again, as if he was finally able shake off his handlers and strategists, now that the campaign was really over. Too bad he wasn’t able to be that McCain from the beginning. This really would have been a nail biter of an election.

But even if the election is over, is the fight? I fear that with so much fear, anger, and outright paranoid fantasies out there, is there hope that whoever wins can bring the country together in any meaningful way? That struggle will continue.