Lay Fiber Everywhere Dammit!

Ars Technica points to a new bill introduced by Rep. Anna Eschoo. Here’s the essence of the bill/article:

The bill would require new federal road projects to include plastic conduits buried along the side of the roadway, and enough of them to “accommodate multiple broadband providers.” Conduits must meet industry best practices for size and depth, and road builders must include hand holes and manholes along the route to gain access to the conduit. Each conduit will also include a pull tape for fishing new fiber through the line.

It’s about time someone introduced this concept. But it should be pushed down to the state, county, and city levels as well. And not just with new construction. Every time a trench is opened on an existing road to repair a sewer line or a water line or whatever, lay the conduit! Deploy the fiber.  The cost at that point is minimal. The future payoff is enormous. If you don’t think fiber to the premises (FTTP) is where we’re headed, then you haven’t got your rabbit ear antenae twisted in the right direction. It’s coming. Even in here on the north coast. Lord, let me live so long.