Wireless Headphones – At Last!

Over the years I must have spent well over $150 on earbuds for my IPhone. They were always breaking. I admit I was hard on them: Dropping my phone which would pull the wires; getting the wires caught on door knobs or branches; wadding them up to stick in my pocket. Eventually one or both of the buds crapped out and I’d have to make a trip to K-Mart or Target to buy another cheap pair.

I’ve also spent countless minutes untangling them as got ready to run or exercise at the gym or work in the yard. What a waste of time!

I’ve thought about getting wireless headphones that run off bluetooth and had read a couple reviews of expensive ones ($80$120) and not being sure how they would work I hesitated. But a couple days ago I made an impulse buy at Costco for this Motorola set as it was only $50 and I must say I am really happy I did. I may look a bit more like a dork but really what do I care? Probably no more dorky that the earbud wires dangling from my head.

The sound is quite good (I listen to podcasts mostly, but even music isn’t bad). I thought I might have a problem of breakup if I put the IPhone in my pocket but the stream has been very consistent. Once the headset was charged and synced to my phone the first time it reconnected right away every time I turned it back on. It’s very light weight and comfortable and didn’t even bother me when I lay down on a bench to do some dumbbell work. So, unless I manage to break these which unless I run over them with my truck seems unlikely, I think I have found a gizmo that will really improve my life and end up saving money over time.

The affiliate link is if you don’t have a Costco nearby or maybe your Costco isn’t carrying this one. You’re welcome.